Saturday, March 2, 2013

Who is this guy?

When I was in Afghanistan, I may have gone a bit crazy on eBay buying miniatures. Call it retail therapy in a combat zone. I didn't have a PX where I was, so I couldn't just buy magazines or books or sodas or anything, really.

One of the lots I purchased had three figures. Two were classic RT-era mercenaries. The third was this chap:

As far as I can tell it's not a Citadel figure. He is a mutant of some kind, with a third eye in the middle of his forehead. His pistol is a multi-barrel "pepperpot." He has "Three Eyes" on the front of his tab and "I.P.C. 1985" on the reverse. Any help in identifying this figure is appreciated.

Dom Skelton on The Miniatures Page figured it out for me. Evidently, this dude is a Judge Dredd mutant. So, Citadel, but not 40K. See here:

How about that? So, should I sell him on or keep him for the Helsreach project?


  1. Even though he isn't "RT 40K" he is still cool looking. I would keep him. Not sure as what, maybe a gang leader or some such.

  2. Keep him. The Dredd stuff should work well enough for a backwater like Hellsreach.

  3. Sage advice. I think I'll call him a deserter navigator out to secure his freedom and maybe a small fortune in Helsreach. Maybe he has other latent powers ... Stay tuned!