Friday, March 1, 2013


Luckily, the Space Marines won't have to thumb rides when they make it dirtside. As described in the ancient tome, Logan's World is in a corner of space lashed with unpredictable warp storms. As a result, direct Imperial scrutiny is infrequent and fleeting. As it is easier to move a group of Marines without their heavy equipment, a pre-deployed cache of vehicles and supplies await whatever forces are sent in to impose Imperial will.

The vehicle park near Helsreach has six Rhinos and variants in place. Four are standard troop carrier versions. One is a direct fire support version, armed with a las-cannon. The sixth vehicle is a command version with improved communication facilities.

The fire support variant is more than capable of dealing with what passes for armored vehicles on Logan's World.

The command variant isn't exactly spacious, but compared to a standard Rhino, it's quite roomy.

Rumors have it the warp storms are ebbing. The Marines will be coming soon.


  1. I don't know what's going on with the formatting. If anybody with more experience on Blogger would like to help out, I'd appreciate it.

  2. Do you mean the slightly different color background for the text?

    Happens to me sometimes too. There is a "text background" box at the top of the posting screen. Looks a bit like a magic marker/highlighter. The drop down gives you a choice of colors.

    Unfortunately so far as I can tell those colors do not match any of the default blogspot backgrounds so if you mess with those buttons you end up with something like you have here. Could also have been the result of a cut and paste on your part if you inserted the text that way.

    On the upper left of the posting screen are two buttoms "compose" and "HTML" if you switch to HTML you can pick out the bits that say "text background and delete them as well as the numbers that are specified. But you mess it up it can be hard to recover the post if you save it with the alterations. So tread carefully there.

    Nice fleet of Rhinos!

  3. Thanks for the tip, MC. I knew my HTML skillz from 1998 would come in handy.

    Also, thanks for the compliment on the motor pool. I have a seventh Rhino needing some TLC. I see it getting modified into a Field Litter Ambulance. That will require extending the top and back and redoing the floor. The model only has the top half, with the floor made of illustration board. I think I may have traded it for an Imperial Guard Sentinel or Land Speeder in '95 or '96. Dummy me.