Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Well, what's new?

Ok, it's been, gosh, three months and change since I posted.

A quick recap:

I won the Baccus 6mm ACW figures I wanted from James at Exiles Wargames Painter. Plus he threw in some Napoleonic British figures as well. Just in time for me to obsess over another game, Command & Colors: Napoleonics. I was able to pick it up along with the first two expansions for a song on eBay.

Don't let the silly hats fool you. These guys mean business.
This led into my annual gaming weekend, affectionately known as Jay's July Jamboree (J3). A weekend of gaming, friendship, good food and held at a winery. Who could ask for anything more? The big event was a big X-Wing Miniatures game recreating the Battle of Yavin.

The start positions. My brother Chris (not pictured) put the board together. There are PDFs out there.
Our long-time friend Chris (pictured) contemplates his initial moves. The Rebels lost. I played Vader.
Based on our experiences with this game, I started considering modifying the X-Wing rules to use for another era. I'm not quite ready to talk fully about that project, but here's a hint:

Never before have so much been owed by so many to so few. This project is going full steam ahead at the moment.
Additionally, in looking to next year's J3, I've started preparing a large fantasy mass-battle game. The project is still in its infancy, but is looking to already to be a fun and exciting project in its own right. More than a few Skaven will be making an appearance. These are the first:

They have a bit of paint on them, now. Just not painted all the way.
So, the Helsreach project is on hiatus for the moment. But never fear, old school Warhammering is here! Out there in the blogosphere, there exists links to a certain book near and dear to some which had page after page of card buildings one could cut out, glue or hammer (ahem) together and have a decent townscape (ahem) to war (ahem) over in relatively short order. I printed up a page or two and cobbled the following building together using black foamcore as the structure:

I have since completed the roof. I'll be doing more of these buildings. If I were looking for the PDF, I'd look here.
So, that's what's been going on. I'll get some more in-depth reports on each of the topics discussed above in the next coming days. Or weeks. Or something.


  1. some greta looking projects on the go look forward to seeing the progress
    Peace James

  2. A lot of good projects on the go here.